Revival Meetings

We enjoyed a weekend of meetings about money and missions with Pastor Bill Bailey of Chehalis, WA. Below are 3 of the messages. Our recording methods are finicky at times and so two of the messages are not of good quality. We’re sorry for the inconvenience or poor quality of the recordings.

  1. Bro. Bailey FRI 1:05:15
  2. Bro. Bailey SAT 1:08:11
  3. Bro. Bailey SS 44:46

Pastor John Robinson and his family were with us for a Family Weekend this fall.

  1. Bro. John Robinson 1 34:24
  2. Bro. John Robinson 2 50:52

  1. Seven Attitudes Concerning the Church 39:16
  2. Bro. Benson S-AM 47:57
  3. Bro. Benson S-PM 54:45
  4. Bro. Benson M 54:11
  5. Bro. Benson T 1:00:28
  6. Bro. Benson W 1:01:42