We Have a New Name!

As many of you know, I have been praying about changing the name of our church here in Lewiston for some time. I didn’t want to approach the topic until I had been here for at least five years. Well, five years has come and gone and so I began to move forward with the decision.

I talked with church members and answered questions and concerns, mostly that we would be getting rid of Baptist which was nowhere close to my plan. We held our annual business meeting at the end of February and voted positively to change the name. A primary reason was to shorten the name and make it stand out from other Lewis-Clark places in our valley.  Everyone here is excited about the change. The starting pastor of LCVBC when I spoke with him about the change said that the new name “ministered to him”.

My choice of name came directly from our beautiful valley, the Bible, and my own personal spiritual walk. If you have been to Lewiston, you know there are two rivers flowing through it that resemble glass or a mirror on most days. When I arrived here over five years ago, the Lord used this valley and the stillness of it in my life at the time to teach me some great lessons. I truly was “led by the still waters”.

Psalms 23:2 “…he leadeth me beside the still waters.”

Pastor Gipp


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    I was watching your preaching on the Heritage Bible website. In your teaching on the bible you mentioned to books. One was something about the catholic church and the writing of our bible. The other was the history of king james. Could you please let me know what those books were? By the way the service was AWESOME.

    Kathy Farris

    • nrgipp@gmail.com


      The first book you are referring to is called Did the Roman Catholic Church Give US Our Bible? I think you can find that on Jack Chick’s site. As for the second, this might have been referring to a video on the history of King James and the Bible called KJB. I hope this helps. SWBC secretary

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